Kim Rasmussen Bio

Kim has decades of experience in radio, audio drama, and voiceover projects.  He has been featured in notable radio programs including UNSHACKLED! and STORIES OF GREAT CHRISTIANS.  He was a series regular on THE SUGAR CREEK GANG and starred in the Dove Award-winning radio drama, TREASURES OF THE SNOW.  Kim can also be heard in several other audio dramas and audiobooks.

Hear Kim Rasmussen in these Audio Books

The Adventures of Ellie and Eve: Ellie Meets the New Baby

Ellie Meets the New Baby addresses the challenges children face when a new baby comes into the family. Ellie has to deal with the new baby taking all of her mother’s time and affection until she realizes that she can help and share the experience with her mother.

Changing the Landscape of Eternity: Transforming Believers into Disciples

Pastor John Thompson challenges and guides church leaders and other believers who desire to make a difference for Christ.

Greta Visits the Great State of California

A pack of beloved fruits and vegetables travel through the United States and visit friends along the way. During their trip they will learn all about California: Where is the state? What are the important cities, rivers, lakes, or mountains? What do people in the state do, make, or grow?

Greta Visits the Great State of Oregon

A pack of beloved fruits and vegetables travel through the United States and visit friends along the way. During their trip they will learn all about Oregon: Where is the state? What are the important cities, rivers, lakes, or mountains? 

Avalanche Nick

Avalanche Nick moved from a hot Southern town to the snowy mountains of the north to become a snow-rescue expert. He did it. Hear about how he rescues vehicles from snowy conditions with his mighty truck, Rescue.

COVID19 Kids Story

The journey of young Lily: She is wrapped in the love of her family and classroom. Lily learns about a virus, social distancing, and returning back to school.

The Mystery of the Stinky Striped Sock

A stinky striped sock finds its way into and under peculiar places, leaving its stench for a nosy, floppy-eared dog to seek out. So to whom does this stinky striped sock belong?

Penny the Pineapple Visits the Great State of Pennsylvania

A pack of beloved fruits and vegetables travel through the United States and visit friends along the way. During their trip, they will learn all about each state!

Tony's Magic Headphones Magic Way to Stop Stuttering in Children

A short story about a child named William and his stuttering problem. With this (magic headphone) technique, children can fix their stuttering problem and talk with confidence easily.


★★★★★   "Kim recorded the best voice overs for our video. Open for revisions until we were satisfied. Will work with him again. Highly recommended."
-  M. A. Video Producer, Pakistan

★★★★★   "Kim was a pro all the way. He gave me multiple takes for each line in this children's book. His voice is awesome and his work is high quality."
-  Herson audiofybooks.com

★★★★★   "Kim has a great voice! Very unique timbre. Good for cartoons and storytelling."
-  Altai Z. Diveo Media, Russia

★★★★★   "Great guy to work with. I'm his repeat customer!"
-  Will C. Panda Programmer

★★★★★   "Kim's vocal abilities cover a wide range and we have used him for numerous characters in our audio series "The Brinkman Adventures". Kim is professional, experienced, and really good."
-  Ian Bultman/Producer of The Brinkman Adventures

★★★★★   "Kim brings clarity, enunciation, good acting, and a natural articulateness that enhances any project in which he is involved."
-  Timothy Gregory Program Director/UNSHACKLED!

★★★★★   "I highly recommend using Kim when you desire a rich, professional voice for your audiobook, video, or whatever needs you might have. PARTNERS IN EVANGELISM INTERNATIONAL was very pleased with his work. His experience and warm, friendly style makes him the go-to guy for your next project.""
-  Gene Brush/Partners In Evangelism International

★★★★★   "I would like to attest to the amazing job that Kim did reading my book, "Changing The Landscape Of Eternity". I was there for the entire recording and Kim did an excellent job accurately and effectively capturing all the content of my book. I would not hesitate in using Kim again."
-  John L. Thompson/Pastor and Author

★★★★★   "Kim Rasmussen is an outstanding voice talent. His textured voice and talented intelligent reading lends a credibility to every character and narration he did for me, as production manager for Moody Radio."
-  Mike Kellogg/Production Manager and Host of Music Through the Night

★★★★★   “Fast, perfect voice over job. Good communication and easy to work with.”
-  Krists P. Ad producer

★★★★★   “Excellent professional!”
-  ” Alex R. Portugal, Video Producer

★★★★★   “Such a professional to work with. 100% recommended.”
-  Glitchers Productions, Australia

★★★★★   “Excellent voice actor. Delivered high quality work in a timely manner.”
-  Cynthia H. Author/Animated Film Producer

★★★★★   “Thank you Kim for a fantastic work bringing to life our video ads with your fantastic voice. You showed extreme professionalism and was the perfect listener who could transform feedback into actions to deliver results above expectations. We now feel confident that our 3 video ads with your voice will do extremely well during our Marketing campaign to raise awareness on our mobile game.”
-  Guy F., Mobile Game Creator

★★★★★   “It was really great to work with Kim. Had no issue when I asked for a retake and got it spot on!!!!”
-  Sylvester U., Christian Revival Church, Pretoria South Africa

★★★★★   “Kim is an excellent voice-over and a great actor. He made our stale script come to life and actually made us giggle in the process; Really!”
-  Edvard H. Balans Studio, Serbia

★★★★★   “I was very satisfied with his voice over. Thank you and God bless you. I would definitely rehire!”
-  Ossandra W. Radio Drama Producer/Artist/Designer
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